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TCoolTrayIcon component for Delphi 2009

view quick bar For those who are searching TCoolTrayIcon component written by Troels Jakobsen to support newest Delphi versions.

It’s a comprehensive component for adding icons to the traybar, allowing you to put a tray icon in your own programs. Can hide, show program button on Taskbar, show hide hint balloons and similar. The original component you can find on Troel’s website here:


It’s freeware, so you can use it freely.

The problem is, it was updated very long ago, and supports Delphi versions until 6, though it should function ok till 2007 version.

As with Delphi 2009, where all string and char become full Unicode, version on Troel’s website isn’t compatible with Delphi 2009 anymore.

No problem. Sebastian Zierer already made some changes to support Unicode chars. You can find TCoolTrayIcon component for Delphi 2009 on his website : or you can download same copy here from my website: Download TCoolTrayIcon zip package

Update: 2008.11.12 fixes for Delphi 2009
Update: 2009.09.04 with Delphi 2010 package