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How to install Microsoft TTS Anna engine on Windows XP

book open sound 128  Microsoft introduced new TTS voice called "Anna" on Vista OS. Sadly it is only available for Vista and no separate download option for Windows XP users, personally I still use Windows XP on many machines. 😦

You can find more info about TTS (Text To Speech engines on Microsoft site). New voice "Anna" is more clear and more natural, than any other voice available on XP versi0ns.

Still, there is an option to use "Anna" voice on XP for FREE. You need to download and install Microsoft Street And Trips 2009 !
It is available for FREE (60 day trial version is download-able from Microsoft here ). Its huge, about 1,5 GB, so you need some place on your hard disk for download.

So download and install Streets 2009. With it also Microsoft nice "Anna" TTS engine is installed to pronounce (speak) street names.
You can enjoy this product for 60 days, or uninstall it the same day — "Anna" engine will not be uninstalled ! Cool. 🙂
It is still left on system.
You can check its properties through Control Panel’s Speech category settings.


PS. It is also possible to extract only TTS Anna setup files (About 32 MB). But still you should download Streets at first. Then after installation start, look for temp folder where temporary installation files were extracted. Most probably it will be your User’s "Documents and Settings/Local settings/Temp" Folder. Look for TTS.